Tuesday, May 10, 2005

tic toc

I went and saw some flamenco on Saturday. It wasn't bad, but certainly wasn't what I expeted. The guitar playing was pretty amazing, but the dancing didn't interest me too much. But it was fun to go and see anyway.

Saturday I went to Thelonious for some jazz music. Again, nothing amazing, but a nice way to pass the evening.

Turned in a group paper today in Narrative class. The whole thing went much better than I expected. In fact, I had planned on just writing the paper by myself so I could freely talk about whatever I wanted, something about the mathmatics implicit in Borges (the paper had to be about Borges, and one or two specific stories). However, the professor was of the mind that all the students should work in groups, and, as such, I was adopted by a group. We met and talked about what we were going to write before writing, which worked surprisingly well. Whodathunk that prewriting really did have a purpose. Our thesis was basically that the reader, in reading, is really recreating the text and the author, and the author, in writing, is creating the text and a (imaginary) reader, and that the text makes the author an author and the reader a reader, because it is hard to write nothing or read nothing and still be a writer/reader. So, if you take that literally, maybe too literally, there is no meaningful difference between author, text, and reader, or maybe I should just say that they are all equally important in terms of literary creation. But yeah, the point is I worked in a group and it didn't suck.

Now I'm going to get back studying for my complex variable test on wednesday and reading about Casa Verde, the novel by Mario Vargas Llosa I have to read for a week from Wednesday.

oh, and I almost forgot (actually, I did forget but there is an edit function): there are some new photos in my photo album if you are curious. and in case it isn't obvious, the "oldalbum" album is, well, the old album.

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colleen said...

why is my day starting off well?
cause i kicked an astronomy exams stellar ass
but mostly
because those pictures of your shaving are HILARIOUS

thanks for sharing them!!