Wednesday, August 18, 2004


so. sick is me. bleh. couldn't hardly sleep last night. woke up at 3 or so with diharea, puked twice. all day i only got out of bed to go to the bathroom. still don't feel very good. my mom gave me some medicine, some water with cinnamon in it, and some pseduo-oatmeal - rice with water and cinnamon. i sure hope cinnamon makes me feel better. i also got to drink some carbón thing. it seems to have worked - i feel way better than i did during the night, but if i feel like this tomorrow, i'm still not going to class. sick feeling all over my body. my mom thinks it was the choripan (sausage on a bun, like a hotdog, but not) because she and her brother also had diahrea, and we are the only ones who ate it. good news is that they feel better, so hopefully i will tomorrow too.

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