Monday, August 23, 2004

viva chile

man, it sure is loud outside. people cheering, honking horns, blowing those annoying plastic horns you see at soccer games, playing drums, etc. i think i watched more tennis this weekend than in the rest of my life. chile won its first gold medal ever yesterday, in mens doubles, and a bronze in the singles. just five minutes ago they won the gold in singles too. chi chi chi, le le le, viva chile!

in singles, they beat united states guys, so i was in a win-win situation. fortunately, the people i'm currently with won too so i could join in their celebration. i wasn't quite as enthusiastic as my host brothers, that's for sure, but still it was fun.

hmm, que más. i started reading a spanish book yesterday, one my host brother just finished: la hermandad de la sábana santa (the brotherhood of the shroud of turín). it's not too complicated, written sort of like the davinci code, which i refuse to read, at least for the time being. i'm not really interested too much in this book, it's not literature or anything, but i have to start somewhere. the problem with trying to read good books in spanish right now is that the words lack connotation, they don't have any feeling, so i don't get anything out of the book but the story, which isn't why i usually read books. i tried to find che guevara's motorcycle diaries, since i am interested in that story, but couldn't - all the booksellers i asked had some sort of unidentifiable tone in their negative replies, as if i shouldn't even be asking for such a book. oh well - maybe after i finish this book i'll figure out where i can find that one.

let's see, it's sunday, so i guess that means i should do the little bit of reading i have for my spanish class tomorrow, and then continue reading hermandad. alright. off to read.

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Anonymous said...

tengo uno de los diarios de che, es en español.
quieres que yo lo envie a ti?