Saturday, August 14, 2004

why isn't it friday today

ah, friday morning. no classes today, nor yesterday for that matter. i think i've finally set my schedule: algebra, spanish, great poets of the 20th century (we're reading ts elliot, lorca, neruda, and kavafis), and the state and politics in the 21st century. i'm not sure how much i'm going to enjoy that last class, but i'm intersted in the subject matter: what relavence does the state have when, for example, the revenue of general motors is greater than the gdp of denmark? (list) i don't know if this topic will be covered by the class, but it is certainly relevant.

i'm still enjoying being here, but still don't really have chilean friends. again, that will change soon. tomorrow i'm going with the program to valparaiso / viña del mar, twin cities on the coast that resemble san franciso (someday i'll go to california and find out if it's true). it won't be warm enough (probably) to enjoy the beach, ie swim, but at least this way i'll know the city so when it gets warmer i can go there and come back without any problems, like being unable to find the bus back or something.

today i think i'm going to go see machuca, a chilean film that won some sort of award at cannes this year. it's supposed to be really good, so i'm looking forward to it. i have to find a movie theater first, but after that, it should work well. since it's almost noon, i guess i should take a shower and get going.

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