Monday, August 30, 2004

a wonderful weekend

this weekend was the best i've had so far. on friday i chose not to go out with other students in the program and instead went out by myself. luckily, it worked - that is, i made a chilean friend. it was so nice to converse in spanish in a real life situation - somehow school, living with a family, restaurants, etc. aren't quite what i consider real life. or maybe the idea is that i was using the language not out of necesity, as in if i don't talk to this person i won't get to eat, but instead because i wanted to, just conversing.

that being said, i now need to practice my purposeful spanish and write and essay about a pablo neruda poem for class tomorrow. not that it's challenging or has to be long, but it just needs to be done. at least i got to choose the poem. time to work . . .

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