Thursday, September 30, 2004

interesting morning

so at about 7:30 this morning i woke up. no, not for class, or on purpose. just a tremor, gently shaking me awake. craziness. not something i've felt before. no, there wasn't any damage or anything like that, it was just a little tremor, a friendly reminder that the city i live in is on the pacific rim, and has seismic activity.


Anonymous said...

California had a little earthquake recently. at first I thought you might have felt that; but that makes no sense. it was a day before yours, anyway.


Anonymous said...

How cool!!! Glad it was just a tremor.


Anonymous said...

When you were in Peru there was an earthquake! Is it South America or it is you!


Anonymous said...

We had one of those last year in DC. It didn't wake me up though. Not much does.