Friday, March 04, 2005

the end of summer

yep. my summer vacation is just about over. classes start on monday. i have my course selection book now, so school has officially become a reality. that being said, the summer was a lot of fun, and i'm not so upset that i have to go to school now. it's the usual back to school contradiction: it's nice to do nothing, but sometimes the idea of learning something is pretty attractive too. moreover, school is also the potential to meet more people and practice more spanish, which is, of course, why i'm in chile.

i went and saw Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra wednesday night. a very good show, music that i can't really put in a category. some crazy europeans, that's for sure. Kusturica also directs movies, of which i've only seen one (underground) which was really good. the music from his band is featured in many of his movies. i recommend you see one of his movies. really.

yesterday i finally got around to making a map of my travels. enjoy.

well, now that it's almost noon, i feel i should be productive, and maybe go visit my math professor from last semester to ask him a few questions. that requires going outside were the cell phone works, and where it's much hotter.

so it goes

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