Saturday, October 21, 2006

I realized that I've been a bit negligent with the photos, so this post is just to catch you up on things I've seen since I've been here, especially on my trip to Gansu.

little brother's house
The house where I stayed, Mr. Shi's younger brother's.

Some caves seen from the road - apparently people in this part of China used to live in caves, but have since stopped for the most part, mainly because there were moisture problems.

a view from the temple
A view from the temple we visited.

This is a statue of one of the generals of the emperor who had the temple built.

steps up to the temple
Steps up to the temple


bell up close
up close

play the drum
and me playing a drum, just so you know I was there

good place to drink tea
What looked to me like a good place to drink tea, but unfortunately I didn't have any with me.

Incense outside the main temple

inside the temple
Inside the temple

also inside


offering table
A table for making offerings, supposedly the largest in China, and Mr. Shi's nephew

reading & photographing
My Chinese teacher Mr. Shen reading a poem, and Mr. Shi's mom having her picture taken by her eldest son

Looking down on one of the temple gardens

Terraced land that doesn't seem to be used for agriculture - maybe it was terraced a long time ago?

cave dwelling
A cave dwelling that still seems to be in use


from the garden up
Looking back up

lower part of the temple
Another part of the temple

traditional Chinese doctor
A traditional Chinese doctor weighs out some medicine

traditional Chinese medicine

Eating fresh sunflower seeds

drum tower in Xi'an
The Drum Tower in Xi'an - sometime I'll go up it, maybe when the weather is nice

PBR: the only beer from the US I've seen here besides Budweiser

A group of kids who were saying hello to me, so I turned and said hello in Chinese and took their picture, causing a bit of mayhem

mah jong
Some women playing mah jong, which is a common sight. Apparently some people get really involved and stay up all night playing.

hung out to dry

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