Wednesday, December 20, 2006

time to get crackin'

I've been pretty busy with class and trying to speak Chinese as much as possible, so as you can probably imagine, my apartment is not the most organized. Unfortunately, I was just told now that tomorrow morning while I'm teaching they're going to move most of my apartment to the new campus. I've been wanting to move, yes, but I was hoping to at least be around when it happened. They're going to let me keep a bed and kitchen here so that I can spend the Spring Festival here instead of at the deserted new campus, so right now I have to move everything I want to keep here into my bedroom which I'll lock before I go tomorrow so they don't move/steal things I don't want moved/stolen. Good thing I just drank about 10 itty bitty cups of tea, but I can only hope that it doesn't keep me up too late since I do have to get on the bus tomorrow before 6:50 AM.

Oh, I almost forgot to post a translation of that Chinese poem, so here it is:

I slept without realizing the Spring dawn had come,
Everywhere around me I heard bird song.
Oh what a sound of wind and rain last night ---
How many blossoms had fallen?

It's not my translation, but it's the best one I could find online. In Spanish, my translation would be

Soñaba sin ver los árboles solados
Cantaban pájaros en todos lados
Anoche qué ruido de lluvia y viento
¿Cuántos son los flores afuera caídos?
That keeps the rhyme scheme from the Chinese but loses the meter. Sorry. Maybe once I learn some more Chinese I'll be able to translate it a bit better.

For now, I'd better get organizing. Take care.

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