Wednesday, January 24, 2007

last day of school

Tomorrow's my last day of school for the semester and the next one doesn't start until the beginning of March so I finally have some time to travel. Unfortunately, I can't leave right away since my passport
is still in the possession of the government so they can extend my visa. I should have it within a week so that I can rent hotel rooms and do other such things that need identification, like maybe take a plane. I'm thinking of going somewhere south of here where the weather is nicer and the pollution not so bad - I'll let you know once I have definite plans.

Not much else is new here. Last weekend I got to go to a student's house for some good home-cooked Chinese food. We rode bikes to get there, which was a great time - it reminded me of how much I enjoyed biking around Urbana. I hope to buy a bike of my own in the next couple of days so I can explore this town and get some exercise at the same time.

Oh, the school got a new foreign teacher last week, an Australian named Wayne. He seems like a nice guy, and it might be nice to have some foreign company, though I'm not sure how good it'll be for my
Chinese. He is studying it too, though, so maybe we can find a teacher and have class or something.

Well now I'm going to get to bed since I want to be awake for my last exams. G'night.

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