Sunday, February 04, 2007

Train ride

Oops - I forgot to mention the train ride. It was much better than expected, and the time went by pretty quickly, all 37 hours of it. I probably slept for about 24 hours of it, leaving a mere 13 to find something to do. I talked a lot with the people in the berth next to mine, all in Chinese of course. There was a woman with her daughter who was about 7 and another woman with a 2 year old, which of course made for excellent entertainment, at least when the younger one wasn't crying. It was also nice to watch the scenery pass outside the window - it seems that railroads are closer to the surrounding country than highways. It was my first ever trip on a train, and I gladly take another, and no doubt will before I leave China.

Ok, now back to the hotel and some sleep, finally.

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