Tuesday, March 06, 2007

first day of school

Tomorrow I have my first classes of the semester. Like I requested, I'm only teaching 12 hours per week, leaving me with plenty of time to study Chinese (I'd like to start learning to read and write since being illiterate is both limiting and embarrassing) as well as travel a bit more. I only have class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, giving me four day weekends every week. I'm only teaching freshman and sophomore English majors - oral English for both, and also listening for the sophomores. I still don't have the book for listening class so I'm not sure what to expect, but it doesn't start until next week so I still have time to figure it out.

I'm more or less settled into my new apartment. There are still a few things to be worked out, like getting the kitchen ready to be used and making the pipe to the washing machine stop leaking, but otherwise it seems like it'll be an alright place to live. The other apartment was probably a bit nicer and certainly more conveniently located for shopping, but I like being here with the students, and not having to take a bus to class tomorrow will probably feel great.

I know you're expecting pictures, but right now the internet is incredibly slow making the task of posting pictures quite cumbersome. If I can, I'll get some up before bed tonight. Otherwise, if technology cooperates, there should be some tomorrow night, also known as tomorrow morning in the western hemisphere.

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