Monday, April 30, 2007


So far Beiing seems like a pretty nice city - much more cosmopolitan
than Xi'an. It's a big place, with lots of people, of course, as I'm
sure you already new, but most interesting is the contrast of new and
old mixed with a huge quantity of construction. They're trying to get
ready for the Olympics I suppose, but it's sad to see such great old
parts of the city being destroyed and replaced, I think, with a new
"old" buldings that look more like the pictures of China you have in
your mind.

I still haven't been to the Great Wall, so that's my plan for
tomorrow. Now I'm going to go see if I can find tickets for Beijing
Opera or some crazy Chinese acrobatic show.

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Grams and Grandpa said...

It sounds like you are having lots of unusual experiences ( We're looking forward to seeing pictures of you standing on the Great Wall.
We miss you lots and lots!!!