Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bolaven Plateau

I'm back in Pakse from the trip around the Plateau. It's a really wonderful place to travel. Not too many tourists, but enough so there are guesthouses. Lots of waterfalls, villages, and coffee plantations scattered throughout relatively dense jungle. The people were really friendly, of course, and the food wasn't bad either. I wish I could spend more time there but my Laos visa is running out - I need to leave the country by the 10th or get it extended. I think I'm going to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia - everyone says it's simply amazing. First, though, I'm going to visit a wat in Champasak that's from a similar time period, and then relax in the islands for a few days. Mmmm, hammocks and fruit shakes.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to send you a quick note.
Hope all is going well and I think of you and your adventures often.
I am doing another Chicago Premiere of an Adam Rapp play called Faster.
Good luck. What have you been reading lately? Shoot me an e-mail if you can.

Ryan Heindl