Friday, August 06, 2004

keep on keepin on

today i went to a class - introduction to probability and statistics. the teacher was nice, but she is only teaching the first three weeks, then the real professor will start. that´s only a problem because i might not be able to understand him. more importantly, the goal of the class is to give the students a practical, not mathematical, knowledge of the subject. thanks to smokin´joe at st. x, i already have that. so i´m not going to gake the course. this means, though, that i might only take classes on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. that sure would be convenient for traveling. it looks like my classes are going to be the mandatory spanish class, abstract algebra, and two of the following: social psychology, cultural anthropology, great poets of the 20th century, the dark face of technological development, and latin american integration through trade agreements.

the other day i asked my family, at the promting of mo, what chileans think of bush. the first reply: él es loco. the second: es un maldito ladrón. basically, they think that he has done bad things for both the country and the world. somehow, i´m inclined to agree.

umm, what else, what else. everything seems just like daily life. i met up with sonal, a girl i know from the u of i who is also studying here. when went to catch the bus home, we hesitated; why, i don´t know - it was the right bus and we knew it. so we finally went to it (it being stopped at a stoplight) and i got on. just as sonal grabbed the railing, the bus started moving. what fun for her, jumping on to a moving bus. sometimes we make our lives interesting.

i will hopefully have internet in my house soon. the easy way would have been for me to bring my wireless router with me - i almost did, and i so wish i had. they probably cost around a hundred dollars here. i might just fool the cable company into thinking my computer is the same as my host brother´s . we shall see.

i´m going to head back out into the world now, maybe go home and have tea.

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