Sunday, August 08, 2004

such a nice, warm day

today the high was about 70 - so nice, being able to sit in the park with a tshirt and sandals, almost like the summer i left. i went to the park that's just a half block from my house and read some of East of Eden by John Steinbeck. after this book, i think i'm going to read Cien Años de Soledad por Gabriel García Márquez, the famous colombian author. it's supposed to be a good novel, and i figure if i want to learn spanish, reading would be a good way to increase my vocabulary.
the park i went to is right next to a really old dominican church, and there is a artisan fair there. there was also an art gallery with some amazing paintings.
well, i'm going to get going and let fidel use the internet - my computer works here (apartment) now, but only one computer at a time. but still, it's great.


Anonymous said...

who is fidel? your host brother? i love old churches. i dont know why but there is something about them. maybe it is spiritual or maybe it is just pretty art. take some pictures. i especially love catholic churches. they know how to get gaudy.

Anonymous said...
oh hell yeah! (mo)