Sunday, January 16, 2005

mmm cheese

i got my first package in the mail about a week ago (i suppose, i don't remember the date). the only negative was the postal worker waking me up at 10 AM on a saturday to deliver it. but the package was wonderful - sharp cheddar cheese (which i'd forgetten is amazing), swiss cheese, and colby jack cheese (also incredible), some nice pocket moleskine notebooks, and reese cups. so many wonderful things - thanks again for sending it.

promted by the cheese, i think, i made french toast for icha to try. thankfully, she liked it, and i was happy to have made french toast for the first time ever - it wasn't that bad, which is probably due to the utterly simplicity of the recipe.

i've gone to 3 or 4 street theatre plays this past week. one, called eureka! theatre laboratory was amazing. they did a good job of doing lots of things with limited props, while successfully conveying a range of emotions, with unpredicatble plot twists. so much fun to watch. the others i saw weren't bad persay, just not nearly as good.

yesterday i went to a feria to buy some fruits and vegetables. a feria is basically an outdoor, impromtu market set up on a block or two of a street. i bought a kilo of peaches (peach-bannanas, a variety that had whiter flesh than most peaches), 2 large tomatoes, lettuce, and a green pepper all for $1.15 or so. a nice deal, and yummy too.

alright. not much else going on. just enjoying the summer, trying to make travel plans. i'll keep you informed.

time to make a salad with the aforementioned vegetables, and the creamy french dressing i was lucky enough to find, and some of that amazing cheddar cheese. if only i could find croutons . . .

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