Tuesday, January 18, 2005

travelling, finally

yesterday i bought a bus ticket for pucón. i leave tonight at 9:45 (7:45 EST), and will arrive about 9 hours later, or at about 7 in the morning. that should give me time to find a tourism agency and hopefully go to the top of volcano villarrica tomorrow. should be a fun time - if i'm lucky i'll actually get to see molten rock.

from there, the plans are just an outline. i'm going to go to puerto varas, but i'm not sure how long i'll stay. there i'll look into rafting on the futaleufú and maybe sea kayaking. if none of that pans out, i'll head on to chiloé via puerto montt. in any case, should be a good time.

since i'll be using the internet a bit to email a few people (those who are looking after me ;) i'll maybe give all of you an update.

for now, time to go get ready, buy those last minute items, pack, clean, etc.

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Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you're going to the south! have lots of fun, meet lots of people, and take tons of pictures!